Signing Malgin turns out to be a stroke of luck

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In this issue: Denis Malgin shines with strong performances at the ZSC Lions
Denis Malgin’s engagement last summer proved to be a stroke of luck for the ZSC Lions. The former NHL pro made a significant contribution to the team from Zurich finishing the regular season as a table knight in the Swiss National League and now fighting for the championship in the playoffs.
Especially in the last weeks of the main round, Malgin excelled with his playful class and his danger in front of the opponent’s goal. With 52-points (21 goals, 31 assists) from 48-times, he advanced to the team’s top scorer in Zurich in the regular season. Coach Rikard Grönborg praised the 25-year-old center for its dedicated performances. “He has taken responsibility and developed good chemistry with his storm colleagues, especially Sven Andrighetto, but Marco Pedretti also complements them well,” he told the Swiss daily Blick.
The Swedish World Champion coach of 2017 and 2018 has developed a fine feeling for dealing with Malgin. “I have to let him be an artist, too. It’s so easy for a coach to tell a player to just play. The important thing is that you know when the right time and place is,” Grönborg explained.
At the beginning of the season, things were far from optimal at the ZSC Lions. In the first 30’s games, they won only fifteen times, not enough for a team that wanted to be at the top. As the criticism of Grönborg and his protégés grew louder and louder, they took a turn. With a powerful final sprint and 17 victories from the last 22-games, they advanced to third place in the National League. This could be crucial again in the coming days. If the showdown against EHC Biel-Bienne comes to the showdown in the best-of-7 series of the playoff quarter-final, the Zurich team would then have the right to home.
However, the ZSC Lions must do their best to make this happen. Because the first two playoff matches with Biel-Bienne were lost, albeit barely (4:5, 3:4 n.V.). Malgin continued in the playoffs, where he left off in the main round. After the first two games, a goal and three assists are registered for him.
No matter how the playoffs for the ZSC Lions end, Malgin is likely to have a topic of interest again in the summer at the latest: the return to the NHL. If the Oltner also plays a strong World Cup with the Swiss national team in May, this discussion should gain additional momentum.
Malgin holds a contract in Zurich for another three years, but it includes an exit clause for the NHL. His coach trusts him that he would make the breakthrough in North America’s elite league in the second attempt. “I think he has everything he needs for the NHL. All he has to do is find a club and a coach who believes in his skills so that he can be a performer at this level too. He’s really strong, even though he’s not the biggest player physically,” Grönborg said.
Malgin herself keeps covered in terms of a possible NHL comeback. “I don’t want to look too far ahead, I’m enjoying it here right now,” he told his gaze. “I try to improve every day and get the full confidence of the coach, which I appreciate very much.”
In the NHL, Malgin has played 192-games for the Florida Panthers and the Toronto Maple Leafs, where he scored 60-points (28-goals, 32-templates). 2020/21 the Maple Leafs had lent it to Lausanne HC. After the season, Malgin decided not to return to North America because he didn’t see a chance to play regularly at the Maple Leafs. Instead, he joined the ZSC Lions.