Red Bulls and polar bears are open about their title ambitions

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This issue: Quarterfinals of the PENNY DEL Playoffs Preview

The PENNY DEL’s 2021/22 season is now in its hot phase. This Sunday, the playoff quarterfinals will begin. All four pairings are delightful. The Kolner Haie meets the Eisbaren Berlin, while the EHC Red Bull Munich must deal with the Dusseldorfer EG. The Grizzlys Wolfsburg will have to deal the Fischtown Pinguins, and the Straubing Tigers will compete with Adler Mannheim. The best-of-5 game mode is used, not only during this round but also in the semi-finals or finals.

Two of the favourites for the title are the defending champions, Eisbaren Berlin and Red Bulls from Munich. After the main round, both teams were ranked first and second. The season was dominated by the Berliners for long periods, but the Munich team managed to beat the Wolfsburg team in final meters. Outsiders have outsider opportunities to win the title. The Grizzlys lost only to the Eisbaren in last year’s final series.