NHL, nhlpa and tiktok sign exclusive content license agreement

On February 25, NHL and nhlpa established a partnership with short video giant tiktok.
NHL will launch new content and activities for fans through tiktok, and nhlpa will also provide player driven short video content on the platform.
According to the agreement, NHL will launch tiktok brand promotion activities during the competition and introduce tiktok tailgate stage in large-scale outdoor activities.
NHL has 1.7 million fans in tiktok, and league teams have visited the platform more than 546 million times.
Heidi browning, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of NHL, said: “tiktok is a very influential entertainment platform with more and more generation Z users. Although the competition collection is one of our most attractive content, through this partnership, we hope to cover a wider range of tiktok community users through exclusive content.”
The league has previously launched many programs on tiktok, and achieved the growth of fan groups through professional content during the epidemic.