NHL and technology partners provide fans with a new viewing experience

The NHL prides itself on being at the forefront of using technology to enhance the gaming experience not only for players on the ice, but for fans as well. The NHL and its partners, including Verizon, Immersiv, Source Digital, Vizrt, Apple and SAP, WSC Sports, Amazon Web Services, Beyond Sports, Sportradar and SportsMEDIA Technology, shared the latest developments during the 2022 NHL Technology Showcase at the Prudential Center Thursday presented in Newark.

The NHL used four suites to demonstrate future arena experiences and enhanced real-time live streaming capabilities during the game between the New Jersey Devils and the Buffalo Sabers.

“NHL fans are excited, which is great,” said David Lehanski, NHL executive vice president of business development and innovation. “We have many plans and ideas that we want to pursue and implement across the league at some point in order to create new attractions for the public.”

Verizon, for example, introduced an app that allows fans to view multiple camera feeds and angles of a game on their Apple device during gameplay.

Beyond Sports and Sportradar presented a concept that offers viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a virtual live game. In addition, Beyond Sports featured two versions of the game, one for sports betting with real-time odds and stats, and a youth-focused broadcast with player avatars and fun graphics.

The NHL and Amazon Web Services have developed a game graphic that instantly shows a player’s odds of winning a faceoff and transmits them to the screen when broadcast.

“The Bully app was developed by our media partners,” said Lehanski. “Breaks in hockey are brief, but it’s a moment for TV stations to tell a story. We’ve developed a predictor of who is more likely to win the puck, which TV hosts can respond to accordingly.”