Fiala is enthusiastic about Fleury and the other newcomers

The current Minnesota Wild home game series has evolved into an impressive demonstration of power by the State of Hockey team. Seven victories from the past seven games is the impressive balance sheet. Success No. 8 in a row is to be driven in on Thursday in the encounter with the Pittsburgh Penguins (8 p.m. ET;; Fr. 2 am MESZ).
“We want to play as well as we can before the playoffs at home and collect as many points as possible during the current home stand,” said wild striker Kevin Fiala on Tuesday after 4:1 against the Philadelphia Flyers at the Xcel Energy Center. “We’re getting started, so it’s hard to play. All four rows, including defenders and goalkeepers, are contributing. If the leaders continue like this, we’ll be unstoppable.” However, one should not get cocky. There are still a lot of games to play.
Fiala is enthusiastic about the new additions to the NHL Trade Deadline, especially goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleury. “It’s great to have him with us. He succeeds in such Saves as we have seen from him today purely through his instincts,” the St. Gallen emphasized. But also the other new people would have integrated seamlessly. “Everything worked out fine. You feel comfortable with us. That’s wonderful.”